Bigfoot FILLER
For hundreds of years, people have reported seeing large, hairy, man-like creatures known as "Bigfoot" deep in the forests of North America. Photographs and film of Bigfoot have left experts baffled. Yet the creature still eludes capture. Is all the evidence nothing but lies and hoaxes, or does something really lurk in the woods? Click on the graphic to find out! Over the years, some people have claimed to be responsible for hoaxing various aspects of the Bigfoot phenomenon. The Wallace family claimed that their father faked Bigfoot tracks. Bob Heironimus claims to have worn an ape suit for the famous Patterson-Gimlin film. Are these claims true? Is Bigfoot a fake? Click on the graphic for the facts!
Loch Ness Monster FILLER
Since medieval times, the Scottish lake called Loch Ness has been rumored to be the home of a sea monster. Scientists and pranksters alike have been drawn to the Loch in search of fame and fortune. Is there really a monster to be found? Or is "Nessie" only the product of hoaxes and overactive imaginations? Click on the graphic to find out! FILLER