Roswell Crash Majestic Documents
What really happened in July of 1947 on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico? Did an extraterrestrial spacecraft actually crash there? Or was it just a weather balloon, as the United States government claims? Can photographs both old and new shed any light on this 58-year-old mystery? Click on the graphic to find out! UFO crashes, extraterrestrials, government conspiracy, espionage, secrecy, murder, intrigue... The story presented in the Majestic documents reads like a plot from The X-Files. But is there any truth to the story? Does a super-secret organization called Operation Majestic Twelve really exist? Click on the graphic to find out!
Kenneth Arnold Sighting Campeche Video
The one that started it all! Or was it? Blight Investigations examines the role Kenneth Arnold's sighting played in the birth of the modern UFO phenomenon. Did Arnold really see "flying saucers"? Or was that term the result of a misquote by the media? Why have most UFO reports since Arnold's described saucers? Click on the graphic for the full story! One of the most baffling recent UFO cases is that of an infrared video taken from a military aircraft in Campeche, Mexico. Almost immediately after the video was released by a Mexican UFOlogist, several attempts at prosaic explanation were made in rapid succession. Has the mystery been solved? Click on the graphic for a complete analysis!
Hill Abduction Case FILLER
On the night of September 19th, 1961, Barney and Betty hill encountered a UFO while driving down a lonely highway. Months later, after suffering from many medical and psychological problems, the Hills agreed to undergo hypnosis. What they revealed during their sessions was more bizarre than anyone had imagined. Click on the graphic for details! FILLER